Why not flex-pay?

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So when you know you have to get California car insurance quotes, it looks like just one more line item on an already stretched budget. “How will I afford it?” you may ask, searching each line item for a way to afford adding yet another bill. You can not pay rent or mortgage. The family must eat and needs heat and electricity.  What’s a driver to do?

Going without insurance is not an option. It’s a state requirement, for one, and it’s there for your financial protection, among other things. It’s true that you are paying for that protection, but that is the system.  Bottom line: it’s a necessity. No if, and or but.

Don’t give up hope, though. All is not lost. What you might be able to do is work out some flexibility in the payment of your premium.  Because how you pay—whether in one lump sum or monthly—could help your budget and your financial situation.  It’s a simple question to insurers, really:  “Can I pay monthly instead of once or twice a year?”

You might be surprised at the answer you get. Now, be prepared that it might cost you a little more to have the insurer finance the premium, which is in effect what they are doing.  But maybe it won’t. Because it’s in everyone’s interest to have you pay on time and in full.  Ask if they will work with you.

Normally, people pay once or twice a year, if possible. But that means you have to come up with a large sum. It may not be workable in your budget. That’s why it always pays to see if an insurer will work with you on more flexible payments.

Be sure, also, to request all discounts and price breaks that might apply to your situation, whether it is for safety, good students, taking a driving course, being claims free—whatever.

The key is to come right out and ask. You have absolutely nothing to lose.